Merino Mitwachs Kappe CREMEFARBEN/ROSA ( Größe 44-50 )

Merino Mitwachs Kappe CREMEFARBEN/ROSA ( Größe 44-50 )
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Product Description:

100% merino wool certified 'superfine' quality, fabric fiber 16,5 microns

product weight: 140g/m2

a modified cut, all seams are hidden

Growing material - will last longer than just one summer. You can adjust the circumference with a drawstring ( with a ribbon until the size 48, above the size 48 see photo )

Soft strings located under baby's chin will keep the cap steady on the baby's head during windy weather

Soft, but highly effective when it comes to protection against the sun

Also protects your neck and partly your shoulders

How do I choose the correct size?

First, measure your baby's head circumference, and according to the measured number, choose the specific size closest to that number.

For example, if you measure a circumference of 41,5 cm, choose and buy size 42.

If you have a number between 2 sizes, we suggest to buy the smaller one.

For example, if you measure 49 cm and we have sizes 48 or 50 only, we recommend to buy a size 48. The shape of the cap is very adaptive and lasts long time.

If you hesitate about sizing, write us an email. We will be more than happy to help you with your decision.

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