100% merino wool = 100% thermal comfort   

Merino wool is also suitable for sensitive skin and for individuals who suffer from atopic eczema.

Please note that 100% merino wool material needs to be gently taken care of.  You don´t need any special washing powder. 


However, washing gels designed for wool are preferable.
Our products can be washed inside-out in a washing machine- wool program 40°C, spin machine set at a maximum of 600-800 rpm. When whashing merino wool in the washing machine, it is recommended that you use a small mesh wash bag, placing your product within the mesh bag and then into the washing machine.

Alternatively, our products can be washed by hand.

Instructions for hand washing: To avoid the formation of lumps, leave clothes soaked in water. Then gently remove dirt with soap, then rinse again.

Dry the product by rolling it up in a towel and squeezing the excess water. Afterwards, lay product flat to dry.

Products need to be air dried.

Merino wool is harmed by extreme temperature changes. Therefore, you should avoid any sources of heat (heaters, tumble dryers) as well as cold or hot water.


If washing is not necessary, simply subjecting the product to air ventilation can give it a fresh and "clean" feeling.

Thanks to its natural antimicrobial properties, merino wool clothes don´t stink even after being worn multiple times and sweating.

Following these instructions and properly caring for your product will ensure utmost satisfaction.







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