Merino Growing Leggings GRAPHITE 80-86/92

Merino Growing Leggings GRAPHITE 80-86/92

The UNISEX favorite variant.

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If you are not satisfied with our current sizes, we would love to customize a new piece according to your preference and measurement. All you need to do is write us your demands  into the description box. If we have any questions, our team will contact you. In case you are not sure what measurements you need to send us, feel free to message us at or at We are here for you.


Leggings description:
100% merino wool first-class certified superfine quality, 16.5 micron fiber thickness
Fabric weight 210g/m2

A comfortable high rib waist 10cm ( also from merino wool ) for the most perfect adaptation to baby bellies and proper back cover

Fold over legs 10cm

If your baby wears cloth diapers, please write us this information into your order. For even more comfort of your babies we will sew leggings with a "so-called" wedge on the butt. Don´t worry, you know nothing about gaiters, it's just an extension of the cut in the butt area.

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