Merinowool Growing Bodysuit Long Sleeve Lilac 86-92/98

Merinowool Growing Bodysuit Long Sleeve Lilac 86-92/98
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Bodysuit description:
100% merino wool first-class certified superfine quality, 16.5 micron fiber thickness
Fabric weight 150g/m2

Each size automatically includes the extender

Cut also adapted to cloth diapers

Our bonuses for you:
Cuts editing of bodysuit - narrow the width (no extra charge)
Please, consult with us other cuts editing in advance.

We also sew for infants, our smallest size is 44-50/56, the price is the same as for size 56-62/68.

How to choose the correct bodysuit size?

Here is an example of the size 68-74/80 - the choice of this size is ideal for children who wear at the time of purchase size 68. They wear the bodysuit without extender and only when they grow up to 74/80, you click the extender and then the bodysuit will keep the baby all the time until it´s necessary to "go" to the size 86.

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